Jobs Index Shows Demand For Executives Continues To Grow

Demand for executives continues to grow, shows Exec-U-Net's fourth-quarter 1999 Executive Market Demand Index study of job listings. Demand increased 35% during fourth-quarter 1999 vs same-quarter 1998, a continuation of strong growth trends throughout the year. By function, demand in general management jumped 58%; in sales/marketing, 50%; MIS, 31%; finance, 30%; and operations management, 21%. By industry, demand for high-tech industry execs jumped an unprecedented 74%. Demand for executive talent in media/creative/publishing rose 55%, fueled by growth in telecommunications, Internet, and entertainment businesses. In natural resources/base materials, demand climbed 32%, the first gain since first-quarter 1999. In financial services, demand increased 24%. By region, the international sector saw a 23% increase, the first significant change in more than a year. West-coast demand continued skyrocketing with 69% growth; Southwest, 45%; and South/Southeast 46%. The Mid-Atlantic region remained anemic at 6%; the Northeast rose 24%, and the Midwest 35%. By salary, demand in the $250K-plus range still dominated, surging 69%.

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