Johnson Controls' Keyes Named NAM Chairman

James H. Keyes, chairman and CEO of Johnson Controls Inc., Milwaukee, was elected 1999-2000 chairman of the National Assn. of Manufacturers (NAM) at the Washington, D.C.-based association's board meeting Oct. 29. In accepting the post, Keyes indicated that his chief goal in his one-year term will be to "raise awareness about the importance of technology and of forward-looking public policies that enable us to continue to reap the benefits of innovation." Specifically, Keyes said, NAM will push for higher caps on visas for highly skilled foreign workers, reform of patent law and encryption policies, modernization of export-control laws, and policies that promote electronic commerce. "The fact is," he declared, "a lot more can be done to promote technology in America and keep the U.S. economy the world's most productive." Keyes succeeds small manufacturer Calvin A. "Tink" Campbell, who heads Goodman Equipment Corp., Chicago, as NAM's top leader and chief spokesman.

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