Kit Tests For Gaps In Legal Knowledge

What actions are legally important to document for the termination of an employee? If an employee returns to work after a 12-week family leave, and you have filled the employee's position, what must you now do? What should you do if an employee reports a sexual harassment complaint?

Managers and supervisors face a number of tricky personnel issues that could land them and their organizations in court. To help organizations and individual managers rate their legal knowledge and identify areas where additional training might be needed American Media Inc., West Des Moines, Iowa, offers an assessment package consisting of 35 questions covering interviewing and hiring practices, termination, documentation, harassment and discrimination, diversity, and general employment law.

The Legal Management Skill Assessment package includes instructions, an answer and scoring guide, and suggestions for training based on respondent scores. A free version can be completed by visitors to the American Media Web site at Visitors also may access the online version of the Legal Management Skill Assessment at

The package is one of five new workplace skills assessments from American Media, including Organizational Change & Employee Perceptions, Management & Leadership, Customer Service Skills, and Communication Skills.

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