Kodak, Olympus Join Forces To Boost Digital Photography

Compiled by Gina Protopapa Eastman Kodak Co. and Olympus Optical Co. Ltd. have joined forces to expand the digital photography market through a cross-licensing agreement. The agreement includes mutual cross licensing of patented digital camera technologies. Financial terms were not disclosed. "This agreement gives Kodak and Olympus the ability to develop better technologies and products, which will encourage more people to try new ways of taking and sharing their photographs," says Yusuke Kojima, general manager, Digital Imaging Div., Olympus. Olympus will broaden the consumer digital camera market by using high-resolution CCDs (charge-coupled devices). Kodak and Olympus are working together to define and develop these high-resolution CCDs, which Kodak will manufacture and Olympus intends to purchase. Rochester, N.Y-based Kodak posted sales of nearly $14 billion for 2000. The world headquarters of Olympus are in Tokyo.

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