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Learn About Lean Supply-Chain Management In September

Compiled By Jill Jusko Learn how to install the benefits of lean manufacturing at every step along the supply chain, from the factory floor out to strategic suppliers. That is the goal of a Sept. 16-17 seminar on lean supply-chain management being held in Denver. The event is presented by the Association For Manufacturing Excellence (AME), Wheeling, Ill., a not-for-profit association whose goal is to help businesses improve performance. This interactive workshop will apply the principles of lean thinking and kaizen to each stage of supply-chain management. It will provide practical methods for identifying and eliminating wasted cost, unnecessary delays and excess inventory. Concepts are reinforced by workshop exercises. The benefits and objectives of lean supply-chain management, according to AME, include a reduction in the total number of suppliers; increased profit margin on manufactured goods; the elimination of non-value-added test and inspections steps; improved supply-chain flexibility; and accelerated material flow. For additional information and to register, visit

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