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Links Manufacturing With Engineering

PeopleSoft 7, the latest version of enterprise applications from the rapidly expanding Pleasanton, Calif., software firm, introduces both a product configurator and a product-data-management system for manufacturers.

PeopleSoft Product Configurator links manufacturing with engineering. It includes engineering bills of material, engineering change requests, and change orders. Theres also a workflow management program to handle processing of approvals. The new system was developed from MacPac, a system created by Andersen Consulting and acquired by PeopleSoft. The system is integrated with Documentum's Enterprise Document Management System.

By the first quarter of 1998, PeopleSoft7 will be available with Arbor Software's popular Essbase online analytical processing system. That will permit companies to conduct demand planning through the use of multidimensional analysis. PeopleSoft7 also will be available with Cognos' PowerPlay data inquiry and analysis system.

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