List Touts Hot Skills

Forget David Letterman. George Bailey, global director of the Human Capital Group at management consultant Watson Wyatt Worldwide goes one better with his top 11 workplace skills for 1998.

  1. Getting things done in an environment of chaos.
  2. Knowing how to access the power of the Internet.
  3. Innovation and creativity.
  4. Getting value from big integrated systems.
  5. Getting the most out of people.
  6. Adaptability to cultural changes.
  7. Knowledge sharing.
  8. Having fun at work while being productive.
  9. Speaking multiple languages.
  10. Understanding how to create shareholder value.
  11. Teamwork.

What's no longer hot or desirable? Control, administration, systems implementation, process reengineering, procedures, the good ol' boy network and being at your desk for the sake of being seen.

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