A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

A new study published by the Gelfond Group, Cherry Hill, N.J., indicates that companies that treat their employees with respect are more successful. According to the study, The 1998 Gelfond Report on Employee Opinions, companies that focused on learning what makes their employees feel more respected have seen notable improvements in employee loyalty, customer satisfaction and shareholder return. Especially at high-performing companies--those companies acknowledged as market leaders in their industries--employees rate their companies high on such things as working conditions, communications credibility and effectiveness, job security, and advancement opportunities. "Employees at high-performing companies are significantly more favorable toward their employer than employees from average-performing companies," says Peter Gelfond, CEO of the Gelfond Group. "The reason is respect."

The study was based on data collected from more than 750,000 employees over the past two years.

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