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Lockheed Martin, SimiGon Offer PC-Based Training Solution

Lockheed Martin and SimiGon Ltd. are offering a solution that enables individual or distributed training across myriad training devices, according to the companies. The solution offers an integrated Learning Management System on a PC platform. "NxTrain supports a dramatic shift in the way people are trained, converging high-fidelity simulation with low-cost deployable platforms, learning management systems and content management and delivery into a single capability for use in multiple military and commercial training applications," says Dan Crowley, Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training & Support president. NxTrain offers flexible training solutions on laptop and desktop computers. It consists of four separate components that can be used individually, in subsets or as a complete system. NxTrain's four components are:

  • Training Analysis and Design System, which provides a modeling and simulation service that supports the training system design.
  • Training/Learning Management System, which manages the training environments and the quality of student learning.
  • Training Rehearsal System, which provides an integrated environment for the delivery of training across the full spectrum of available training devices.
  • Logistic Support System, which integrates logistics support while providing interactive data into the training environment.
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