Making Automotive Manufacturing Easier 'VIA' Software

Compiled By Dave Schafer VIA Information Tools Inc. is answering the automotive industry's plea for compliance to government traceability regulations, OEM quality standards, and supply-chain visibility with its Manufacturing Information Tool (Man-IT) software systems. Man-IT is an automotive manufacturing shop-floor software product that provides data collection, lot traceability, error proofing, and product-sequencing solution in one package. The program allows real-time accurate data flow throughout the organization and/or through supply-chain partners, the company says. "The Internet and e-business have increased manufacturing operation scrutiny, making a real-time view of the manufacturing-floor processes essential," VIA President Gregory M. DeLaere says. "Man-IT delivers this while improving quality control through error-proof production." VIA, Rochester, Mich., provides manufacturing execution systems, CRM solutions, and IT services.

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