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Manugistics Opens Tokyo Subsidiary

Manugistics Inc., took its global supply chain message to Japan on Feb. 4 with the opening of its Tokyo subsidiary, Manugistics Japan K.K., and a demonstration to business leaders and the media of the Japanese version of the Manugistics5 system.

"Japanese companies can now drive competitive advantage by working with Manugistics Japan K.K. to more effectively manage distribution, manufacturing, and global logistics," says Kenneth Thompson, executive vice president and president of the Japanese unit of the Rockville, Md.-based firm. The Japanese-language version of the software has a Kanji interface and offers yen-dollar conversions.

"By increasing the efficiency of Japanese production methods through improved forecasting, distribution, and logistics, Japanese companies will be well positioned to both cooperate and compete around the globe," added Youji Tanahashi, former administrative vice minister of the Ministry of International Trade and a professor at Doshisha University.

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