Maytag's Appliances Division Recognized For Innovation

The Appliance Division of Maytag Corp. has been chosen by the Product Development & Management Assn. (PDMA) to receive its Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award (OCI) for 1999. Says PDMA President Paul Belliveau: "The Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award . . . . recognizes excellence over an extended period with new products that result in significant company growth. Maytag's Appliance Division sets a high standard in this regard and has proven to be a major factor in the company's growth and profitability." The basic requirements for receiving the award are:

  • Sustained success in launching new products over a five-year time frame.
  • Significant company growth from new-product success.
  • A defined new-product development process, which can be described to others.
  • Distinctive innovative characteristics and intangibles. John J. Moran, chairman of the OCI committee, noted that new products introduced in the last five years account for 65% of Maytag's Appliance Division's revenue. Maytag is headquartered in Newton, Iowa.
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