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Merge-In-Transit Enables High Velocity Supply Chain

Compiled By Deborah Austin New merge-in-transit capabilities are offered in release 5.4 of McHugh Software International's DLx Warehouse solution. With merge-in-transit, companies can coordinate receiving from multiple sources and immediately consolidate into single shipments based on customer orders -- eliminating put away, storage and picking steps. Also, companies can centralize special processes at specific locations. DLx Warehouse 5.4 enables such coordination at any supported company distribution center or third-party facility, creating virtual mixing centers and allowing flow-through and cross dock process models in retail/wholesale distribution. The capabilities were developed to help companies with diverse supply networks provide a single face to customers through shipment consolidation. McHugh, Waukesha, Wis., provides real-time enterprise logistics management solutions. DLx Warehouse is a core component of its DigitaLogistics supply-chain-management suite.

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