Mexico's Fox To Promote Investment, Trade On European Trip

By BridgeNews Mexico's President-elect Vicente Fox will promote trade and investment during a trip to Europe Sept. 30 through Oct. 6. He will promote a proposed Central America developing zone from central Mexico to Panama and talk about the "new democratic dimensions" of the country, Fox advisers said. Fox, who ended 71 years of dominance by the Institutional Revolutionary Party in a historic election July 2, wants to lobby and prepare the foundation for many of his programs before he takes office Dec. 1. His five-nation European tour will be a promotion trip to enhance trade, attract foreign investment, and convince European governments that Mexico has acquired "new democratic dimensions" since July 2, Fox's foreign policy adviser Adolfo Aguilar says. Aguilar said commerce and investment from Europe have decreased because of political problems. One of the trip's goals is to change the negative perceptions of Mexico. Fox will visit France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and England. He has arranged meetings with four heads of state, congressional leaders, business leaders, members of the royalty, non-governmental organizations, and Europe's two-most influential newspapers.

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