Minority Execs Counter Prejudice With Positive Steps

Some of America's most successful minority executives have confronted workplace prejudice using positive, proactive strategies, says a recent study by Korn/Ferry International and Columbia Business School. These strategies include:

  • Giving direct feedback to correct the situation.
  • Reframing the situation as an opportunity for learning how things are done within the organization.
  • Analyzing the situation and developing a plan.
Some of the responses least likely used to address discrimination: ignoring the situation, withdrawing, or becoming angry. Of the minority executives surveyed, 59% say they've seen double standards in delegation of assignments, 55% have experienced harsh or unfair treatment of minorities by whites, and 45% have been the target of racial or cultural jokes. Many reveal they have needed to hold back anger to avoid being perceived as having a chip on their shoulder. For copies of the study, Diversity in the Executive Suite: Creating Successful Career Paths and Strategies, contact Stephanie Rosenfelt at Korn/Ferry, at 212/984-9316 or [email protected]
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