Mobil Corp. Funds Tree Plantings, Conservation Studies

Mobil Corp., Fairfax, Va., will support three forestation and forest conservation projects in 1999. The company will continue its partnership with Washington, D.C.-based American Forests by funding the planting of 500,000 trees on public lands in the U.S. It also will fund forest conservation studies by The Nature Conservancy in Peru and Conservation International in Indonesia. Through The Nature Conservancy's Central Selva Climate Action project in Peru, scientists will examine ways to use forest protection and management to counteract the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming and climate change. The Mobil grant to Conservation International, Washington, D.C., will fund a study to examine forest conservation in Aceh, Indonesia. The study will provide a baseline analysis of the ecology of the area, an assessment of threats to its natural forests, and a plan for the protection of existing forests.

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