NAPM Introduces Center For Strategic Supply Leadership

Compiled By Dave Schafer In an effort to educate senior supply managers in cutting-edge competencies and concepts, the National Assn. of Purchasing Management (NAPM) has launched the Center for Strategic Supply Leadership (CSSL). NAPM describes CSSL as a research-based educational entity supporting its efforts to enhance the association's presence and role for senior managers in the areas of purchasing, supply, and related evolving technologies and activities. CSSL currently has or is in the stages of developing 11 competencies, ranging from a 10-step phase titled "Strategic Supply Leadership Process" and "Attaining Organizational Purchasing and Supply Strengths" to "Supply Integrator Role for Business Competitiveness." CSSL features over 40 specific tools that are used in various ways to develop bottom line results through competency development in firms, NAPM says. Strategic-management research has revealed in the past decade that every organization thrives and survives through a blend of competencies that bring value and uniqueness to the marketplace, NAPM says.

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