Navy Can Order Supplies Online -- Onshore Or Off

Compiled By Jonathan Katz EG&G Logistics, Gaithersburg, Md., and Bedford, Mass.-based SupplyWorks Inc., a supply-chain eProcurement solution firm, announced the joint implementation of an online procurement system for the Super SERVMART On-Line system at the U.S. Naval Station in Norfolk, Va. The system is intended to enable Navy buyers afloat and ashore to quickly order commercial equipment and supplies. "The SupplyWorks solution allows us to rapidly and reliably fulfill the Navy's unique needs," says Jim Childress, vice president and general manager of EG&G Logistics. "This partnership has significantly enhanced our business offering and the quality of service we can deliver." The system supplies customers with expanded access to supplier catalogs, and it tracks completed, late, or incomplete orders for EG&G. The two companies also announced the addition of Office Depot to their partnership program. The world's largest office-supply retailer will offer SupplyWorks' customers online access to its office supplies catalogue. "By joining the SupplyWorks MarketPlace partner program, Office Depot can expand its market reach and customer network to include SupplyWorks' supply-chain customers and partners," says Monica Luechtefeld, senior vice president, E-Commerce at Office Depot.

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