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Network Launches For Women In Consumer Products, Food Retail Industries

Compiled By Gina Protopapa The Network of Executive Women: Consumer Products & Food Retail Industry (NEW) has been launched by a joint industry leadership team of executive women representing retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, industry associations, and the media. NEW's mission is to attract, retain, and advance women in the consumer products and food retail industries through leadership and business development. "We see incredible opportunities to attract and mentor new industry leaders though this network, while championing diversity and enhancing the industry's overall image," says Hilarie Hoting, vice president, Grocery Manufacturers of America, and one of NEW's leadership team members. Membership in NEW is open to women and men in the consumer products and food retail industries. The program will be tailored to executive and senior management individuals, as well as midlevel management professionals. For membership information contact Joy Nicholas, vice president of research and emerging technologies, Food Marketing Institute, 202/452-8444 or Jamice Obianyo, manager of technological services, Ecolab, at 336/931-2404.

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