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New Book Details Leadership

It is no secret that a company's success is contingent on the guidance of its senior leadership. During times of rapid change, however, the importance of strong leadership from the CEO, top management, and the board of directors is even more critical. In Navigating Change: How CEOs, Top Teams, and Boards Steer Transformation, the editors offer insights from such experts as Paul A. Allaire, CEO of Xerox Corp., Christopher Bartlett, a professor at Harvard Business School, and Robert P. Bauman, chairman of British Aerospace. Edited by Donald C. Hambrick, David A. Nadler, and Michael L. Tushman, the book is organized into five sections. The sections focus on topics ranging from the role of the corporate board as an agent of change to how senior management can bring about major transformation. The book is published by Boston-based Harvard Business School Press.

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