New Book Offers E-Business Best Practices

In e-Business: Roadmap for Success (1999, Addison Wesley Longman Inc.), authors Ravi Kalakota and Marcia Robinson explain how best to manage a company in a world where e-commerce is reshaping business models, management strategies, and tactics. Using detailed case studies, Kalakota and Robinson show how companies have moved from traditional applications to the new breed of integrated e-business architectures. "It's the first book on e-business that looks at the structural migration problem: how to transform an old company into a new agile e-corporation," say the authors. The book includes three main sections. The first four chapters describe a new e-business design composed of building blocks called enterprise applications. Chapters five through 10 explore the various e-business design elements in the new e-corporation. The last two chapters focus on the challenges of moving an organization to an e-business firm.

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