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New Capability Gets Collaborative-Team Schedules In Synch

By Deborah Austin iManage Inc. has launched Intellisync for WorkSite, a new functionality designed to synchronize collaborative task/event information in iManage WorkSite with popular e-mail clients on participants' personal computers -- and task/event lists on their handheld devices. The iManage WorkSite integrated application suite provides document/knowledge management, collaboration, workflow, portal access and business process automation on an Internet platform. With Intellisync, calendar information about schedules, meetings and due dates -- for example, those stored in a new-product collaboration on WorkSite -- can be sent to participants' inboxes and handhelds, automatically coordinating their own calendars. Information entered in participants' calendars can be sent to WorkSite and the team as well. Search capabilities filter tasks/events, ensuring only pertinent information is synchronized. iManage, Foster City, Calif., is a provider of collaborative content management software.

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