New Doz, Hamel Book Explains Alliance-Building Process

In Alliance Advantage, The Art of Creating Value through Partnering, authors Yves L. Doz and Gary Hamel challenge the idea that the initial structure of a partnership and the establishment of common goals shape the outcome in a business alliance. The authors contend that it is the lack of management over time -- not the design -- that causes alliances to fail. Published by Harvard Business School Press, Boston, the book explores such issues as how globalizing firms can use alliances to enter or hold market positions and fill skills gaps. The authors also discuss how technology-driven firms can use alliances to open new markets for products and applications, and keep partner firms current on knowledge and skills.

Case examples of successful and unsuccessful partnerships include: AT&T-Olivetti, Alza-Ciba-Geigy, Motorola Iridium Project, DreamWorks-Microsoft, Airbus Consortium, Sony-DVD, and General Electric-SNECMA.

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