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New NAM Chair Focuses On Credibility

Compiled By Tonya Vinas ConocoPhillips Chairman Archie W. Dunham says he will use his year as chairman of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) to pursue policies that promote long-term economic growth and restore confidence in corporate America. "Most companies are highly ethical, and it's up to us to reassure the public that our system is sound and help repair the damage from the activities of a few dishonest CEOs," Dunham said after accepting his NAM election on Oct. 18. Dunham succeeds Don Wainwright of Wainwright Industries. Dunham said the issue of corporate ethics is one of "great personal concern to me" and he plans to use his NAM post to restore confidence in American industry. As for economic priorities, Dunham specifically mentioned boosting trade, urging Congressional approval of trade agreements and reforming government policies on unilateral sanctions. Washington, D.C.-based NAM represents 14,000 member companies (including 10,000 small and midsize manufacturers) and 350 member associations.

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