New Solutions Focus On Enhanced SRM

Compiled By Deborah Austin Baan, an enterprise application provider, targets supplier relationship management (SRM) with new and next-generation releases. iBaan Sourcing -- a new Web-enabled solution -- is designed to offer customers an efficient process for buying decisions meeting organizational requirements of speed, quality and cost. It offers workflow for drafting and approving requests and contracts, and supports multi-site supply aggregation. iBaan Sourcing lets commodity managers collaboratively create requests for quote (RFQ), information (RFI), and disposal (RFD); and collect, optimize and analyze bids. Baan also offers version 2.2 of iBaan E-Procurement -- a Web-based solution addressing the requisition-to-payment process for indirect materials -- including added capabilities for warehouse requisitions, allocation to multiple budgets, and integration to iBaan Sourcing. Baan is part of production technology/energy management company Invensys PLC, London.

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