New Study Highlights Value Of Investment Recovery

A new study released by the Investment Recovery Assn. (IRA) indicates that companies that work to maximize return on excess or idle assets generate an average of $11 million per year from such assets. The study, which was conducted for the Mission, Kans.-based IRA by the Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies, Tempe, Ariz., surveyed 65 major corporations that use investment recovery to identify, reuse, or dispose of surplus and waste stream assets. The study found that for each dollar spent on investment recovery, companies can expect $15 in return. The study also found that investment recovery professionals provide their employers with an average benefit of $3.4 million per year. "The study's implications are loud and clear," says Michael Rhodes, president of the IRA and investment recovery coordinator with Virginia Electric & Power Co. "Any company that wants to remain competitive will commit to recovering its investments in surplus assets because its competitors are."

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