New Year Offers Chance to Enhance Time Management Skills

For the thousands of executives resolving to better manage their time in the new year, Andrew Schwartz, president of Boston-based A.E. Schwartz & Associates, has some advice. The trick, he says, is not to think of managing time; rather, think about managing yourself. For example, consider your most productive time of the day. Some people are raring to go in the morning, while others take a little longer to get started. Maximize your time by scheduling the most difficult or challenging task to be completed during that portion of the day. Schwartz also offers the following time management advice:

  • Let the people around you know when to consult you about a question or problem, and when you should not be interrupted. In addition to the interruption, a certain amount of time is also spent refocusing on the task at hand.
  • Delegation is another excellent way to manage your time. Recognize the tasks that need to be your responsibility and those that can be delegated to another individual.
  • Reevaluate the necessity of meetings and how important it is that you be present, as well as the length of meetings.
Schwartz currently is writing a book on time management.
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