Online Scrap Market Grows From MetalSite

Three parties have united to create ScapSite.Net, an Internet marketplace dedicated to the buying and selling of metal scrap. The site, which will launch in April and be fully functional by June, developed from an agreement with MetalSite, Metal Management Inc., and Philip Services Corp. Like MetalSite, it will be based in Pittsburgh. ScrapSite.Net will be integrated into the MetalSite catalog, where buyers can find scrap and negotiate online with the seller. "The use of the Internet will profoundly change the way ferrous and non-ferrous scrap is bought and sold," says Fred Smith, president of Philip's Metal Services Group. "We believe that ScrapSite will help take costs out of the supply chain and help our customers be more competitive." Membership in ScrapSite is free.

Link: ScrapSite.Net

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