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Optiant Releases Supply-Chain Analytics For Executive Suite

Optiant Inc. has announced the release of PowerChain Summit, an analytics software product it says will allow manufacturing companies' leadership teams to determine the impact of various supply-chain strategies on overarching business objectives. It moves "the power of supply-chain design from operations to the leadership team," according to the Boston-based technology provider. According to Optiant, the solution:

  • provides visibility across global supply networks, highlighting interdependencies and potential negative ripple effects caused by particular decisions;
  • weighs and prioritizes multiple supply-chain initiatives, employing real-world constraints such as shared resources, budgets, service-level agreements; and
  • recommends the most desirable and profitable supply-chain opportunities.
Web-based PowerChain Summit can operate entirely as a stand-alone product or -- for those who want to move from the strategy level to the operational level -- may be integrated with the remainder of the PowerChain suite or other systems. PowerChain Summit should ship by mid-December, privately held Optiant says.
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