Optum Delivers Warehouse Management Solution

Compiled By Traci Purdum Optum Inc., a White Plains, N.Y.-based provider of supply-chain execution software, has updated its Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) suite. MOVE 7i will monitor, manage and synchronize fulfillment processes within individual warehouses and across distribution networks. The solution also will provide advanced inventory visibility and labor and yard management tools. MOVE 7i Visibility, one of the system's enhancements, provides companies a centralized view of order, inventory and fulfillment activity at each distribution center. Logistics managers can now look across multiple facilities to direct a supplier shipment to the optimal location based on actual need, while customer service representatives can ensure inventory availability at order inception to set realistic delivery expectations. Other enhancements include:

  • MOVE 7i WMS: The browser-based interface enables user access from any Web-enabled PC and RF device. The system provides n-extensible language, supporting global implementations.
  • MOVE 7i Yard Manager: Offers full integration with Move 7i WMS and enables companies to schedule and prioritize the arrival of inbound shipments to ensure personnel, space and equipment are optimally utilized.
  • MOVE 7i Labor: Plans inbound and outbound workloads based upon available resources in the distribution center and reports productivity, order fill rate, and product velocity. It also provides historical visibility into supply-chain operations.
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