OSHA Simplifies Record-Keeping System

Compiled By Glenn Hasek OSHA's new record-keeping rule for illness and injury, which went into effect Jan. 1, 2002, simplifies the record-keeping system for approximately 1.4 million employers. The system includes new forms that fit on legal-size paper and simplified instructions for filling out the forms. Employers likely to be affected by the change were mailed forms last month. "The new record-keeping system is easier for employers to understand, better protects employee privacy in sensitive cases and will yield more accurate injury and illness data," says John L. Henshaw, OSHA administrator. The new rule also updates the list of service and retail industries that are partially exempt from the rule. Some establishments that were covered under the old rule will not be required to keep OSHA records under the new rule, and some formerly exempted establishments now will have to keep records. Information on the changes is available at the OSHA Web site. The site includes the regulatory text in plain or PDF formats.

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