OSHA Targets 3,200 High-Hazard Sites For Inspection

Employers with unusually high numbers of accidents or illnesses should expect a visit this year from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration The U.S. government agency says it will target about 3,200 high-hazard work sites for unannounced comprehensive safety and health inspections. The program, called site-specific targeting (SST) is effective June 16. OSHA's primary list of work sites to visit includes those that have reported 14 or more injuries or illnesses resulting in lost work days or restricted activity per 100 full-time employees (known as the lost work day rate or LWDII rate). It will also target sites with a "days away from work injury and illness" (DAFWII) rate of nine or more. The average LWDII rate for private industry in 2001 was 2.8; the average DAFWII rate was 1.7. Additionally, OSHA says it will once again randomly select and inspect about 200 workplaces that report low injury and illness rates. They will be chosen from industries with above-average illness and injury rates. Nursing homes and personal-care facilities are not part of this program.

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