Peru On Y2K: We're Almost Ready

LIMA: Peruvian government ministries and agencies are 72% prepared, on average, for the millennium, says Felix Murillo, head of the government agency coordinating Peru's Y2K readiness program. Murillo says his National Statistics and Information Institute (INEI) is currently processing data from a July survey on Y2K readiness, but he can report, "There is considerable progress (on Y2K) on a national level." Complete data from the July survey would be ready "in the coming days." Banks, insurance companies, and pension funds are the most prepared of all Peru's economic sectors, Murillo says. "Central government entities are 72% advanced on average (in their adaptation processes). The Finance Ministry is 78% ready, while the National Tax Administration Sunat registers a 96% level of progress." Murillo also said that four of Peru's major electricity firms "are more than 95% advanced in their adaptation process." He did not provide a figure for the whole sector.

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