Pfizer, IBM, Microsoft Collaborate To Reduce Doctors' Paperwork

By BridgeNews Three of the bluest blue-chip companies, Pfizer Inc., Microsoft Corp., and IBM Corp., are forming a company to help doctors' practices dig out from under growing mounds of paperwork. According to the companies, the alliance will use wireless devices to let doctors access patients' medical histories, lab results, insurance information, and other data while treating patients. Pfizer, the maker of Viagra and the anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor, will offer medical expertise and marketing links to doctors to the project. The joint venture will use Microsoft.NET enterprise server software and Windows 2000, among other technology. IBM will use its broad computing expertise to integrate the technology used in the project, as well as hosting the venture's Web sites and using its call centers to operate help desks. The new company plans to launch its first products later this year. It will add to its product range through acquisitions, partnerships, and other investments.

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