Portal Offers Employees Discounted Products, Services

Employers now can offer employees a host of discounted products and services through the perksatwork.com employee portal. Installed on a corporate intranet as part of a human resource offering, the portal provides employees with "one-stop-shopping" for movie tickets; CDs; auto insurance, mortgage, and other financial services; foods; pet supplies; health, fitness, and sporting equipment; flowers; and gifts. Other links reach baby-sitter recommendations, carpooling organizations, employee classifieds, group and community calendars, and an online bill paying service. "Perksatwork was founded to help companies meet the challenge of retaining and motivating a highly skilled work force," says Rishabh Mehrotra, CEO. "It allows employees to better balance their work and personal lives, saves employees time and money, and helps facilitate a tight-knit employee community."

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