Program Manages Energy Costs On A Production-Unit Basis

Compiled By Tim Stevens In many production processes, energy cost is treated as unmanageable overhead. Now with the help of the enterprise energy management (EEM) suite of Web-based solutions from Silicon Energy Corp., Alameda, Calif., companies can understand energy cost per unit of production. This allows management of energy costs as just another production input, which can be optimized in real time. The Cost Analyst module, specifically, provides enterprise-level energy cost analysis and procurement capabilities for gas, electricity, and other commodities. The solution provides the ability to analyze and benchmark hourly, daily, monthly, and annual energy costs across facilities based on actual rate schedules; analyze energy procurement options; evaluate cost savings from changes to meter configurations, interconnection voltages, and locations; allocate energy dollars; and validate bills. Other modules in the EEM suite allow customers to compare energy delivery and cost scenarios to evaluate competitive contracts, access up-to-date utility rates and real-time prices, and adjust energy load profiles.

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