Publish A Web Site Without HTML Programming

Instantly publish a complete SolidWorks assembly model as a fully developed project Web site with ActiveProject Assembly Publisher for SolidWorks 98Plus, from Framework Technologies Corp., Burlington, Mass. This add-in for SolidWorks, a production solid modeling CAD system, builds a collaborative, Web-based project communication system around a SolidWorks model, with no HTML or other programming. "The Project Web site cuts across geographic and departmental boundaries, enabling anyone involved in the product development process to access and communicate vital project information utilizing a standard Web browser," says Mark Pierson, vice president of product management for Framework Technologies. Authorized team participants -- engineering management, manufacturing, purchasing, subcontractors, vendors -- can contribute to the site, comment, and perform online reviews with revision history of SolidWorks models and other documents. Notifications of changes are automatically sent via e-mail to appropriate team members. Any type of information including discussion threads, notes, documents, database queries, links to other files, and applications can be tied to pieces of the solid model assembly, published, and maintained.

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