PwC Consulting Launches Business-To-Extended-Enterprise Approach

Compiled By Deborah Austin A new solution set dubbed B2E ("business-to-extended enterprise") has been launched by PwC Consulting, a business of global professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, New York. This B2E solution aims to reach entire extended enterprises of organizations, including supplier and customer extranets as well as employee intranets (traditionally also defined as "B2E" or "business-to-employee" solutions). The PwC B2E solution includes managed hosting, security and access services; infrastructure products; and software solutions spanning e-learning, human resources and reporting. It moves a variety of work to the Web, says PwC Consulting, to help collaboration and improve efficiencies among key players in any organization. Offered through alliances with vendors in e-learning, portal technologies, e-business infrastructure and other fields, the solution already is deployed at some PwC clients in high-tech, automotive and pharmaceuticals industries.

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