Questions To Ask Before A Job Switch

Considering a new job? Salary isn't the whole story. Look at the value of the entire offer. From New York-based financial adviser Sue Feitelberg, 10 questions you should ask before making the switch:

  • Are you jeopardizing a bonus or pension plan by leaving? Can you recoup it in a signing bonus?
  • Do they offer tuition reimbursement programs?
  • How many types of medical insurance are offered? What will be your out-of-pocket expenses?
  • Can you participate in an employee stock purchase program?
  • Will you be eligible for defined benefits programs? After how long?
  • Bonuses: Will any be in options? What are criteria for receiving them?
  • Is there immediate participation in 401k? Are contributions matched? By how much? What's the quality of funds they're using?
  • Do they offer a healthcare/dependent-care spending account?
  • What type of long-term care is available? Life insurance? Long-term disability?
  • Finally, "Can you put that all in writing?"
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