RedPrairie Expands Functionality Of WMS For CPG Firms

Logistics solutions provider RedPrairie Corp. has expanded its warehouse management capabilities for consumer packaged goods and food and beverage manufacturers. DLx Warehouse/P 6.0 adds new enhancements that include the following:

  • comprehensive support for voice picking for piece and case order picking operations;
  • natively integrated event management to provide real-time alerts to exceptions and events;
  • enhanced wave management functionality, allowing users to plan and execute waves within specific material handling system constraints, and to synchronize wave release with actual outbound trailer profiles and load diagrams;
  • improved inventory control via new features such as automatically aging product or changing shelf life based on temperature conditions, and support for multiple types of lot/batch codes in a warehouse.
  • automated execution of value-added services for inbound and outbound operations.
RedPrairie Corp. is based in Waukesha, Wisc.
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