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Reference Web Site Designed For IT Professionals

A new Web site operated by Intraware Inc., Ornida, Calif., a software management services company, provides services that help information technology (IT) professionals research, evaluate, procure, and support enterprise-class software applications. The site offers two levels of membership: Standard and Gold. Standard membership is currently available at no charge, and offers services including:

  • Radarscope, a centralized listing of thousands of available intranet and extranet software applications. Users can search products by category, company, and keyword, then follow links to additional information and resources.
  • SubscribNews, a news source with weekly alerts and digests about intranet software and technologies.
  • SubscribNet, delivery of software and updates for leading open source software, including Caldera's OpenLinux Operating System and Informix's developer products.
  • IT Knowledge Center, an online resource of in-depth product information, technical papers, reviews, and FAQs.
  • "Ask James", an online advice service that addresses questions about the intranet software industry, technologies, and products.
  • Try & Buy, providing access to evaluation software for download.
  • Live Demonstrations, allowing interactive demonstrations that run on the Intraware Web site.
In addition to access to the seven Standard membership services, Gold membership offers premier information services, including:
  • Compariscope, a decision-support service with detailed information on the strengths and weaknesses of leading intranet and extranet software products and tools.
  • "Ask James" premier level service, guaranteeing one-business-day response time to all intranet software industry, technology, and product information questions.
  • Premier content such as interactive modeling, technology studies, and interviews with industry leaders.
Gold membership, including a single user Compariscope license and "Ask James" premier level service, has an introductory price of $1,495 per user per year and will be good through Dec. 31.
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