Researchers Explain Energy Deregulation From Supply-Chain Perspective

A new study takes a critical look at deregulation in the U.S. energy sector and what it means for energy supply-chain management. "Deregulation in the Energy Industry: A Vision of the Future," was written by Robert B. Handfield, a professor of supply-chain management at North Carolina State University, College of Management; and Bart Moore, tech transfer specialist at Michigan State University's College of Engineering. The two explain in the study that deregulating energy requires a complex set of functions for delivering the product to the market in a timely, efficient, and reliable manner. From a supply manager's perspective, deregulation can bring many benefits, but there will be a steep learning curve. Topics that are discussed include: players in the electricity supply chain; the politics of deregulation; the case for deregulation and the problems with implementing it; developing an electricity purchasing strategy; critical success factors; lessons learned; and future trends. For more information on the study, contact the Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies, Tempe, Arizona, at

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