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SCEM Solution Also Manages Promotions-Related Factors

Compiled By Deborah Austin Viewlocity's newly enhanced Supply Web Applications -- a supply-chain event management solution for companies with complex supply chains -- goes beyond forecast/demand, inventory and shipment views, showing how those factors tie in with specific promotions. Supply Web Applications version 4.1 enhancements include:

  • Forecast and demand monitors -- enables collaboration for specified products by account.
  • Shipment/inventory/order collaboration using Web forms -- enables interaction via Web browser, notably for smaller supply-chain members.
  • Shipment map view - offers detailed position information including leg and delivery-level detail and navigation history.
  • Time zone -- shows events in relevant time zones.
  • User portal - offers a customized summary view with user-specific critical content.
  • Promotion monitor -- captures information on orders, shipments and inventory associated with specific promotions, to expedite management of promotions-related items.
Viewlocity, Atlanta, provides SCEM and adaptive supply-chain solutions.
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