Seminars Address Automotive Issues

Top automobile-company executives, including Chrysler President Tom Stallkamp, will be among the featured speakers at the University of Michigan's annual management briefing seminars August 3-7. Eight seminars will focus on major trends and issues in the auto industry. "Networking at the Boundaries" is expected to be the most widely attended seminar, with university officials estimating an attendance of 1,200 people.

"Since key competitive resources will increasingly lie beyond traditional functional, organizational, and company boundaries, successful strategies will be built on effective networking and rapid communication," says David E. Cole, director of the University of Michigan Office for the Study of Automotive Transportation. Additional seminars will address lean manufacturing systems, financial management, product development, and the supply chain. The seminars are sponsored by the Office for the Study of Automotive Transportation and the Center for Professional Development at the University of Michigan College of Engineering. For further information call Lisa Hart at 734-764-5605.

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