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Senate Is Next Stop For Ergonomics Bill

Overshadowed by passage of the massive tax-cut bill before Congress adjourned for its summer recess last week was the House's approval of another legislative priority of the business community: the Workplace Preservation Act, HR 987. The measure, sponsored by Rep. Roy Blunt (R, Mo.), would prevent OSHA from doing further work on developing an ergonomics regulation until the National Academy of Sciences completes a study on whether a regulation is needed. The bill cleared the House by a narrow 217-209 majority. The issue now moves to the Senate, where companion legislation introduced by Sen. Christopher Bond (R, Mo.) is pending. The measure is thought to have enough support to pass, but not enough to override an expected veto by President Clinton. As a result, business lobbyists are pushing to have the language of the House-passed bill incorporated into an appropriations bill that has a better chance of being signed.

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