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Skills Report Stresses Collaboration

If the U.S. is to solve its worsening skilled-worker shortage, it must do so through collaboration among workers, educators, trainers, and government officials, according to a new report from the Council on Competitiveness. Although the findings of the report, Winning the Skills Race, perhaps aren't surprising, they're the result of extensive interviews conducted by council researchers in companies and communities throughout the U.S. The study "puts a human face on a challenge that is national in scope, urgent in character, and too often viewed as an abstraction," says Richard C. Notebaert, chairman and CEO of Ameritech Corp., who was co-chair of the task force that conducted the effort.

The 86-page report includes case studies of coalitions successful in combating the skills shortage, and outlines eight basic principles to help "often disparate parties" join forces.

The Council on Competitiveness is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, Washington-based group of industry CEOs, university presidents, and labor leaders. To order the study call the Council at 202/682-4292.

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