Smart Card/Label Manufacturer Teams With Data Tracker

Compiled By Jonathan Katz Richmond Hill, Ont.-based SAMSys Technologies Inc. -- a solution provider for the automatic data tracking of industrial and retail products through the use of its proprietary intelligent, wireless technology -- is partnering with Philips Semiconductors, a producer of smart-card and smart-label technology, to integrate Philips Mifare, Hitag, and I-Code Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) into SAMSys' multi-protocol, multi-frequency RFID reader. "We believe that this is further proof of the integrity of our approach in providing the platform for an open environment in which a mixture of tags, operating at a variety of frequencies, can all be (integrated) simultaneously; and where the introduction of new protocols will not render the old obsolete," says Cliff Horwitz, CEO of SAMSys. Philips Semiconductors is located in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and has annual revenues of approximately $5 billion. It is a pioneer in the field of systems on silicon solutions with the development of Nexperia platform and the VLSI Velocity tool set.

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