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Software Can Read Text, Create Links

A unique software application from Autonomy Inc., San Francisco, is aware of document content and creates links to related internal and external information sources. Via pattern recognition technology originally designed for military operations, ActiveKnowledge analyzes the text in preparation and is able to extract its main idea. At the same time, its LiveAlert module monitors specified internal and external information sources and creates links to that information based on its understanding of document content. For instance, if writing about IBM Corp., the system will automatically insert hypertext links to IBM news reports from specified feeds. Internal document links can lead to Lotus Notes files, e-mail messages, word processing files, or contact information. "[This system] provides easy access to useful nuggets of information so that employees can make informed decisions faster, eliminate duplication of labor, and bring their entire company's intellectual assets to bear in their daily work," says Mike Lynch, CEO of Autonomy.

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