Software Grades, Measures Raw Materials For Food Processing Industry

Compiled By Traci Purdum MagTech Systems Inc., an Indianapolis-based provider of technology integration and process improvement solutions for the food processing and agribusiness industries, has launched Web-enabled software that it says can measure and track accurate weight and quality grading data for incoming raw materials. The Grower Receiving System (GRS) offers full integration with truck, debris and lab scales, along with real-time transmission of processing statistics via handheld wireless bar-code scanners and radio-frequency tags used for immediate identification of load origin, weight and status information. The system also provides quality grading and certification capabilities, the company reports. Using Microsoft. Net technologies, GRS enables remote access to processing information via the Internet. Exception alerting, via MagTech's ProActive Response notification, enables remote users to send problem-alert messages to e-mail, instant messaging or cellular devices. Says Gregg Maggioli, president of MagTech: "Companies across this segment are realizing the importance of improving their yield rates and see the receiving and grading processes as essential components to making the grade in terms of performance."

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