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Software Solution 'Alert' To Changes In Business Activity

Compiled By Jill Jusko Business Alerts from Syspro aims to keep managers aware of changes in business activity by sending "alerts" to their desktop computers when predefined events occur. The events may occur internally, at customer sites or along the entire value chain, the company says. Business Alerts scans information systems around the clock and can send notifications via local area networks, wide area networks, Internet, wireless and fax technology. The software automatically monitors data to provide exception alerts, work-flow monitoring and executive summary reporting. Additional features include the ability to identify when new records are added and when information in the database has been changed. Alert messages can be configured in HTML, text, rich text format and XML formats. Syspro says the product is highly customizable and can support unlimited numbers of alerts. Alert messages also can be delivered directly to a file or sent to a desktop in conjunction with file delivery. Other customization features include: font, color and graphics formatting, password protection, and alert categorization as public or private. Business Alerts works with Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access or any Microsoft/ODBC or C-ISAM compliant product. The U.S. headquarters of Syspro is based in Costa Mesa, Calif.

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